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What Needs to Be Done: Carter Woods & Tony Genius

In this thriller from Disruptive Films, Carter Woods and Tony Genius play the roles of CIA agents in love. Is their love real or there’s something more complicated? Otto Sykes, played by Tony Genius, and Callum Vance, played by Carter Woods, have been partners in the CIA for years. They were both highly skilled agents, trusted by the agency to handle top-secret missions. But little did they know that one of them would turn against their country.

When the higher-ups discover that Callum has been selling classified information to dangerous enemies, they know they must act quickly before it’s too late. However, removing a rogue agent is no easy task, especially when that agent is your lover.

They turn to Otto, who has been undercover as Callum’s romantic partner for months. He knows all of his secrets and weaknesses, making him the perfect candidate to discreetly take care of this problem.

But can Otto bring himself to do what needs to be done? Can he betray the man he loves to protect his country? As he grapples with his conflicting emotions, time is running out and the stakes are high. Failure is not an option.

In the end, only one question remains: will Otto be able to silence Callum forever, or will his love cloud his judgment and put everything at risk?

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