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BoundTwinks: Tyler Tanner & Liam Evans – Tape 3

After their last BDSM session, Tyler Tanner & Liam Evans agreed to see each other at least once a month to fulfill their fantasies. Now they are back in the dungeon of BoundTwinks, where a bound Liam awaits his master’s challenges. Before the camera even starts rolling, Tyler is already rock-hard. And why wouldn’t he be? Liam is the sweetest treat a dungeon could offer. He puts on a show of reluctance, but it’s clear he can’t resist coming back for more.

Tyler takes his time with his fuck toy, savoring every touch and kiss on Liam’s soft pale skin and slender frame. Then, he grabs a marker and writes “SLUT” on Liam’s chest, ignoring any protests that may come from behind the gag in his mouth. Just in case Liam needs a reminder. Next, Tyler reaches into Liam’s jockstrap, pulls out his erection, and starts stroking him until he’s hard and throbbing. Once Liam is begging for release, Tyler gets down on his knees and devours his delicious ass.

And then, it’s time to fuck. In one smooth motion, Tyler slides into Liam’s stretched hole. With Liam hanging by his wrists, their options for positions are limited, but standing up works just fine when you’re fucking someone as sweet as Liam. Tyler moves slowly and deliberately, taking pleasure in every thrust into the sub’s tight hole. But even the strongest dominants have their limits; eventually, Tyler has to succumb to the intense pleasure and fill his slut with a hot load of cum.

BoundTwinks: Tyler Tanner & Liam Evans - Tape 3BoundTwinks: Tyler Tanner & Liam Evans - Tape 3 1BoundTwinks: Tyler Tanner & Liam Evans - Tape 3 2BoundTwinks: Tyler Tanner & Liam Evans - Tape 3 3BoundTwinks: Tyler Tanner & Liam Evans - Tape 3 4BoundTwinks: Tyler Tanner & Liam Evans - Tape 3 5BoundTwinks: Tyler Tanner & Liam Evans - Tape 3 6BoundTwinks: Tyler Tanner & Liam Evans - Tape 3 7

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