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Gay FuckingAggro: Bruce Jones & Heath Halo

Aggro: Bruce Jones & Heath Halo

Aggro’s third scene takes us to an abandoned warehouse where studs Bruce Jones and Heath Halo indulge in a passionate flip-fuck marathon. These unearthly handsome men act loosely and explosively, bringing pure delight to us all.

Bruce Jones and Heath Halo start intense, passionate, and pretty raw. Their goal: to indulge in every inch of each other’s chiseled bodies. Aggressively, they devour one another’s large erections before Heath is bent over a nearby desk.

Bruce takes control, using his tongue, fingers, and bare cock to pleasure Heath’s hairy rear. In return, Heath plunges his raw member deep into Bruce’s hole, the two men creating a symphony of skin slapping against skin as they explore their carnal desires.

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