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FratX: The Newest House Bitch

The FratX housemates have a new house bitch available to each of them 24/7. He is not even a member of the brotherhood, but he has promised to serve every member of the brotherhood, without exception. Now he’s on the floor waiting for someone to come and use him.

The tattooed bro has just woken up and is heading to the bathroom, fighting off his morning boner, when he spots the new house bitch. He pulls the cock out of his pants and lets the bitch lick and suck it before he penetrates the hole and fills it with his morning ambrosia.

FratX: The Newest House BitchFratX: The Newest House Bitch 1FratX: The Newest House Bitch 2FratX: The Newest House Bitch 3FratX: The Newest House Bitch 4FratX: The Newest House Bitch 5FratX: The Newest House Bitch 6FratX: The Newest House Bitch 7FratX: The Newest House Bitch 8FratX: The Newest House Bitch 9

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