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Rego Bello and Julian Knowles
Rego Bello fucks Julian Knowles in today’s Pride Studios hot video. Julian sucks Rego’s big cock before getting rimmed and plowed by him. Julian Knowles is sleeping in bed when Rego Bello comes home from work. It takes a little bit, but Rego finally wakes him up and is... Read more
Julian Knowles and Chad Stone
Sexy daddies Julian Knowles and Chad Stone in this Pride Studios video. Julian is on the prowl for a big cock and Chad just happens to have what he needs. He starts grinding his cock against Julian’s ass and we can tell through his jeans that he is well... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Julian Knowles
Cesar Rossi and Julian Knowles are in their bedroom chatting when Julian shows him the stuffed animal that he gave him back in 2014. They chat about how great their relationship is and Julian is being very sentimental which makes Cesar laugh and also turns him on. They embrace;... Read more
Hans Berlin and Julian Knowles
Hans and Julian are in the office and Julian is finishing up showing him the new system on the computer. He asks Hans what system they are using in the Germany office and Hans jokes that they are still using paper and pencil. They make a little more small... Read more
Dakota Rivers and Julian Knowles
Julian takes the opportunity to wake Dakota up in bed—but the jock rolls over to reveal his boner: “I’m already up.” Julian smiles and strips as he hops in, diving down on Dakota’s big dick—soon glistening with spit. Dakota sucks the stud back, kissing him before pounding him from... Read more
Daymin Voss and Julian Knowles
Julian Knowles and Daymin Voss find alone time on their anniversary getaway. Daymin squeezes Julian’s ass as they kiss, their pecs rubbing. They strip down to their jockstraps, Daymin soon feasting on Julian’s meat—getting a kiss as he comes up for air. Daymin teases Julian, whose tongue is extended... Read more
Rego Bello, Julian Knowles and Ray Diesel
Ray & Rego are back in the locker room after their workout and discussing the ass of Julian Knowles who was working out as well. Just then Julian walks into the locker room and they all start some small talk. That leads into Julian recognizing they were checking him... Read more
Liam Knox and Julian Knowles
Stroking in the shower, Liam Knox gets interrupted by the doorbell from handyman Julian Knowles—who checks under the sink. Liam likes the view, rubbing his bulge as the blue-collar stud fixes his pipes and asks, “Anything else I can do for you?” Liam smiles, his boner popping out in... Read more
Alexander Garrett and Julian Knowles
Julian is discussing with Alexander what to get him for his birthday and he is trying to convince him that he needs a Gaming Console. Alexander can tell that Julian actually wants the Gaming Console for himself and gives him a little argument about it. Unable to resist the... Read more
Jack Andy and Julian Knowles
Julian has come to the Doctor’s office because he has pain in his muscles and shoulder. Jack is the Doctors assistant sent in to get preliminary vitals on Julian. After checking his range of motion and admiring Julian’s muscles, Jack has an obvious hard cock popping through his scrubs... Read more
Fernando Del Rio and Julian Knowles
Julian has brought Fernando to a playroom for a surprise and at first, Fernando seems a bit timid, but it is apparent that Julian knew exactly what his lover’s desires were. He takes control and starts intensely kissing Fernando and then forces him down to his growing cock through... Read more
Julian Knowles and Jett Rink
Jett is at this desk working when he hears a knock at the door. Julian walks through and Jett asks him what he is doing there! Julian is wearing his gym clothes and obviously all sweaty from working out. He approaches Jett with a confident swagger and tells him... Read more
Jesse Jackman and Julian Knowles
During a break in yard work, Julian Knowles needs relief from the heat. Jesse Jackman suggests he cool off in the pool—and then joins him for a skinny dip. Their roughhousing escalates as they take their kissing poolside—and Julian nurses on his big bro’s big dick. Jesse deep throats... Read more
Movie Of The Day: Big Brother
Need a spot? Some muscles for manual labor? A lesson in home improvement? Your Big Brother is always there with a strong helping hand. Get your guy time in with TitanMen exclusives Lorenzo Flexx, Jesse Jackman and Liam Knox, who bring male bonding to a new level. Tristan Jaxx... Read more
Jaxton Wheeler and Julian Knowles
The ‘Gun Show’ is winding down from a long and successful weekend of gun sales. Julian Knowles is packing up his booth when he hears something unusual. He walks over to investigate and finds Jaxton Wheeler jacking off to a rack of semi-automatic rifles and pistols. When Julian questions... Read more