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Czech Hunter 687 – The Responsible Guy

Hunting the Czech hunter wasn’t easy on this cold day, and episode 687 was about to fail when that sweet, responsible guy showed up, risking his job to shoot some porn. Here’s what the Czech Hhunter shared: It’s not easy being horny during winter. I hate going outside and hunting in the cold. People usually don’t want to talk while freezing.

This dude was exactly like that. He was on his way from school to his part-time job. He was busy and didn’t want to chat. I offered him cash for being my guide around the town, but he was afraid his parents might find out he skipped work. Apparently, they were pretty strict and intrusive.

My new friend tried to be a responsible man until I showed him all the money I had in my pocket. He realized what a lucky encounter this was and followed me to my place. I expected an innocent and shy guy, but he turned out pretty good at pleasuring my horny cock. He even agreed to try anal for the first time in his life. I just had to lube him up with enough cash first.

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