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Latin Leche - Numero 173 1

Latin Leche – Numero 173

In Latin Leche - Numero 173, three straight dudes explore new points of pleasure. Watch Leo, Emanuel & Joel in their first gay threesome....
Latin Leche - Numero 172 1

Latin Leche – Numero 172

In Latin Leche Numero 172, we meet two sexy straight Latinos - Emanuel and Javi. Both of them are straight but very curious about...
Jonas Taylor's Big Str8 Dick Dripping 1

Jonas Taylor’s Big Str8 Dick Dripping

In this new video by Straight Naked Thugs, Jonas Taylor grabs his Str8 dick and starts jerking off. The guy spits a huge load...
Latin Leche - Numero 168 1

Latin Leche – Numero 168

It's time for Latin Leche Numero 168 where straight Latin guys Ramiro and Conera realize that there's nothing better than a cock in the...
Straight Naked Thugs: Billy Base 1

Straight Naked Thugs: Billy Base

In this episode of Straight Naked Thugs, hairy hetero Billy Base returns for a second solo session. Watch him massaging his big cock. You...
Reality Dudes: Jalif's Gay Trip 1

Reality Dudes: Jalif’s Gay Trip

Jalif is a straight Arab who thinks that he'll have a sex with a beautiful girl. Well, he doesn't suspect the the plan is...
The Casting Room: Dean 1

The Casting Room: Dean

At The Casting Room, in the gym locker room I’ll often spy on guys wearing wedding rings. Just knowing these men are married makes...
French Lads: His First Time With A Gay 3

French Lads: His First Time With A Gay

In this video by French Lads, a straight guy enjoys his first gay sex. His partner sucks him off before sliding his big cock...
Latin Leche: Numero 52 3

Latin Leche: Numero 52

A few dollars could turn a straight dude into a power bareback bottom. The trickster cameraman of Latin Leche sets up some clandestine cock-sucking in...
Latin Leche: Numero 42 1

Latin Leche: Numero 42

This straight Latino takes a gay dick in the ass in this Latin Leche video. A straight Latin boy answers an online ad only to...
Sebastian Reigns and Brad Lyons 4

Sebastian Reigns and Brad Lyons

I wanted so badly to get into SpunkU; the waitlist is as long as some of these hotties' cocks. Finally settled into one of...
Davey de la Cruz Solo 4

Davey de la Cruz Solo

A bit different for me, the director wants a solo with some twists, he says. Fooling around with some toys, I follow his lead...
Bobby Crest and Jason Jimeno 4

Bobby Crest and Jason Jimeno

Back for more money, Bobby Crest is a bit nervous so I chat him up before I zip 'em down. He's got a nice...
Hairy Devin Reynolds Jerks Off 6

Hairy Devin Reynolds Jerks Off

Devin has a healthy appetite, but he needs to considering he jerks that hairy dick several times a day, most days. We join him...
Rave Hardick, Gabe Dalessandro and Diego Rafa Huerco 8

Rave Hardick, Gabe Dalessandro and Diego Rafa Huerco

Telling my girlfriend I was going to watch the game with some guy friends, I pick up Rave Hardick after buying him some beer;...
Diego Rafa Huerco Solo 3

Diego Rafa Huerco Solo

My name is Diego Rafa Huerco and I' m from Cali. I'm a bit of a player and relish the hunt; girls are always...
Bobby Crest Solo 3

Bobby Crest Solo

Hell, I didn't know porn started so early; as the interview goes on, I'm really just focused on my solo. On the bed, I...
Justin Cross and Chris 4

Justin Cross and Chris

I've got a life, I've got a wife, hell, and I even got a kid. It's just that sometimes, I like cock. Justin Cross...
Ken Ott Jerks Off 5

Ken Ott Jerks Off

Sitting down with, I'm getting back into the gym, and industry. I have lost some mass, but I know with some hard work,...
Amy and Kai 5

Amy and Kai

With Amy and me still together, married and with two kids, I head back into the studio, this time with guys. I'm pretty romantic...

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