Maverick Men: Straight Guy Assist

Maverick Men: Straight Guy Assist 1
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Do you remember straight stud Levi? He’s back in this week’s video by Maverick Men where another straight guy tries rimming for the very first time. Text by Hunter and Cole: I just love straight gay curious guys, this straight curious hot fucker smelled so good while I was filming this I almost lost it hahah but he was too nervous to be touched so I backed off and let him watch his straight porn and beat off while I watched “and filmed it” however not once but THREE times I had to come back to film it again because I fucked up the cum shot twice, but I am happy to report, I got it the third time, with the help of our hot little ginger bud Levi.

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Levi wanted to come along to see how I filmed this and while he was there watching, something awesome happened, the “straight” guy, asked if he could eat Levi’s ass while he beat off hahahaha that’s when Levi jumped up and said FUCK YES BRO eat my hole lol I still laugh thinking about all the straight men that are not as straight as they think they are hahah who knows maybe this guy will hit us up again and let us pop his cherry 😛 fingers crossed.

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Maverick Men: Straight Guy Assist

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