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Calhoun and Vander 9

Calhoun and Vander

I just can't come up with enough superlatives for this video. It is definitely a dream match-up. In one corner, you have Vander, power...
Alonso and Vander Raw 10

Alonso and Vander Raw

Alonso fills all Vander's holes. First he deep-thorats him and then fucks Vander'a ass with his thick, uncut dick. From ChaosMen.Com: Vander was in town...
Ronin and Vander 2

Ronin and Vander

It probably is no surprise that I took one look at Ronin and I knew I wanted to see his thick cock slamming into...
Rylan and Vander 2

Rylan and Vander

Vander fucks Rylan until he is cuming and pulls out long enough to give us some jizz on the outside. It is very rare...
Amador, Antonio Cervone and Vander 2

Amador, Antonio Cervone and Vander

I picked 3 guys who all have a history of amazing TagTeam action! So much to love in this video! Flip-fucking! Daisy-chain fucking! Double...

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