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Allan Solo

Allan is shaved from head to toe smooth as can be with a great set of balls that any soldier would love to feel on their chin. He slowly strokes his dick and spits on it for lube which he does quite a few times throughout the scene. His demanding eyes tell you that he is ready for the battlefield and can handle anything we throw at him. We haven’t even invited him back yet but he is so cocky that we don’t even need to ask because we all know our members will love him.

You can hear how excited Claude is but he doesn’t want to take the lime light away from Allan’s dirty talk. At one point we catch Allan fucking the shit out of his pillow. All you can see is that firm muscular ass pumping and grinding the soft pillow. It got me thinking how great it would be see him fuck one of our Veterans and I’m sure we will definitely see that happening very soon.

Finally Allan has his dick so lubed up with spit and his grip so tight while stroking it fast that he lets the fireworks fly as that nut comes blasting out all over himself. He’s coming back don’t worry and it could well be one of the best encounters we will have the pleasure of capturing.

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