Christian Wilde and JP Dubois

Christian Wilde and JP Dubois 2

Gangster boss Paddy O’Brian doesn’t appreciate his runners taking off with the money so when cute young JP Dubois pulls the same stunt, Paddy’s gotta make sure it never happens again! Calling him in to his office with body guard Blue Blake and Christian Wilde, one of the fittest fuckers seen in a suit, the punishment is about to be dished. Ordering defined, pale skinned JP to strip in front of them all, Paddy jumps up onto a chest of drawers to carry out his sentencing, butt naked and working the most impressive body and dick ever! This true cockney gangster gets hairy chested, tattooed sidekick Christian to force the young fucker to submit to him and his massively thick cut dick. Seeing JP’s smooth hole slowly open up as it’s stretched to breaking point by Christian’s throbbing shaft, repeatedly sinking into him; all the while being ordered by boss Paddy with make your balls ache with the weight of spunk. All three are rock solid and just you wait until handsome fuck Paddy barks his order to spunk. It’s a flood of cum like none other!

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