Harper Davis Solo

Harper Davis Solo
Guys In Sweatpants

Furry stud Harper Davis jerks off in this Hairy and Raw solo video.

Harper Davis is super horny and needs to unload, especially after a 3-way where he didn’t get to shoot. But now, alone at the back of the shop, with Brendan Patrick to inspire him, Harper can barely hold back. With a plethora of stimulation to draw from, Harper rubs one out, amidst the boner inducing scent of leather, and his own musky scent, both pushing him over the edge even better than a hit of poppers.

Don’t believe us? Go ahead. Take a whiff. No. Bigger than that. That’s it. Now enjoy Harper Davis’ solo and…cum!

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Pictures of Harper Davis

Harper Davis Solo

Harper Davis Solo 1

Harper Davis Solo 2

Harper Davis Solo 3

Harper Davis Solo 4

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