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Jason Smith has a giant cock that needs hard stroking.

Jason Smith spent the day in the gym which obviously has him all horned up. He barely makes it thru the door before he starts stripping off his clothes in the middle of the kitchen. He’s soon tweaking his nipples with one hand and the other hand is rubbing the growing bulge in his jeans. Jason leans against the table, pulls down his underwear and his thick, uncut cock is standing straight up. Ready to give it some attention, he takes his cock in hand and begins jacking.

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Jason lies back on the table and pulls his legs back. He begins fingering his asshole, probing deeper as he continues jerking his dick and pulling at his nuts. Jason’s got himself all worked up so he stands beside the table and focuses on the feeling in his cock and balls. It does not take this hot, young stud long to make a mess. His nuts practically disappear as his body tightens and with a low moan, Jason squirts his thick, juicy load of cum all over the table.

Pictures of Jason Smith

Jason Smith - Solo For Bad Puppy

Jason Smith - Solo For Bad Puppy 1

Jason Smith - Solo For Bad Puppy 2

Jason Smith - Solo For Bad Puppy 3

Jason Smith - Solo For Bad Puppy 4

Jason Smith - Solo For Bad Puppy 5

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