The Big C Men

Damian Gray might prepare to take off to an entertainment expo however Calvin Banks has something different as a main priority before they go: some raw, suggestive wrinkle with himself in control! Damian obeys as Calvin instructs him to jump on his knees and mouth-bother him through his pants however before he goes further, Calvin puts a Shibari-style delicate rope blindfold on Damian. He talks Damian through sucking him similarly as he needs it: affectionately moderate and deeper.

Calvin chooses to give an as of now shake hard Damian a similar sort of sexual joy with a touch of prodding and full, profound sucking. In any case, he includes some additional for his Don Juan with a touch of hitting and rimming of his firm rear end, trailed by supplanting Damian’s blindfold with a Shibari outfit. Damian readily sits and sucks Calvin’s bloated pole and enthusiastically pivots to get his ass eaten out by Calvin. Finally Calvin gets Damian into position and slides his raw cock into him.

Pictures of Calvin Banks and Damian Grey

Calvin holds Damian’s tackle and fucks him more profound while Damian’s hole grasps his cock and pushes back. Calvin backs off and hauls out just to toss on the bed to make out with him, grasp his neck and drive his cock in once more. Calvin shifts positions somewhat as cock-rules Damien’s hole lastly pounds a heap out of him with his hands grasping his neck. Right away Calvin shoots a considerably greater, thicker load over Damian and feeds a bit to him as they make out. No time for a phosphorescence however, as Calvin brings up, “We have a honors show…Let’s go!”

Video – Calvin Banks and Damian Grey in a raw bondage session



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