The Big C Men

It’s a hot and hot day by the pool when Vadim Black induces some energetic fun by taking Devin Franco’s bathing suit. With a radiating grin and a massive hard-on, Devin pursues the lively stud into the pool where Vadim takes his prompt and gets Devin’s dick in his mouth. He stirs the thick post all over with his skilled mouth until Devin is prepared to switch it up.

Devin takes control and folds his lips over Vadim’s whole cock getting the stud prepared to fuck his ass. Devin needs Vadim somewhere within him and presents his fluffy hole for Vadim to open up with his tongue. Subsequent to tasting Devin’s ready hole, Vadim stands up behind the stud and presses his fat cock profound into Devin’s tight ass. Devin’s eyes fold over into his head from the sentiment of Vadim siphoning him from behind.

Pictures of Devin Franco and Vadim Black

Vadim needs to confront Devin as he’s fucking his ideal body and flips the tore stud around to pound away. All the siphoning conveys the two hunks to the edge yet it’s Devin who blows first. His thick cum hits his very own chest as his body tenses and he groans out. Vadim is directly behind and hauls out to dispatch his heap up onto Devin’s chest, leaving Devin shrouded in cum.

Video – Devin Franco gets fucked by Vadim Black



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