The Big C Men

Dimitri and his companion Alejo find something sudden, yet like every horny high school guy they can’t pass up on a chance to shoot some cum together. A bit of making out prepares the young men to make utilization of the toys available to them, with Alejo soon exposed and twisted around, tied into the seat at the ideal tallness to suck on his companion’s ravishing wet cock. Dimitri nourishes his pal his dribbling dong and makes his buddy drink his precum, yet when he directs his concentration toward that tight prostitute hole things just get hornier!

Alejo gets a massive dildo packed up his chute, opening him up and getting him used to the sentiment of being completely claimed. He’s not grumbling, he adores the vibe of his ass being utilized, particularly when Dimitri rams his stripped cock into him and continues to utilize him like a sex toy!

Pictures of Dimitri and Alejo

His pucker feels so great, after a legitimate slamming Dimitri hauls out so as to siphon his hot cream, at that point slides his wet meat directly back inside to abandon some nutt inside his companion. Such a decent fucking merits a reward, a rich one directly in the Dimitri’s face.

Video – Dimitri abused by Alejo



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