The Big C Men

This week at Missionary Boys, Elder Hult admits that he masturbates regularly, instead of thinking about his God. This young Mormon definitely deserves a very rough penalty. Manuel explains the guy that jerking off is absolutely forbidden and God doesn’t like to see guys, touching their cocks. Moreover, the young Mormon must atone for his sins by bodily punishment.

President Skye gives the guy a delicate but still hard discipline, fucking the guy’s ass with a stone dildo. He then spanks the guy’s ass and finally flogs him. Manuel thinks this is enough but the Missionary boy does it again – he starts jerking off, provoking the President. Manuel lets the guy to jerks himself to finishing and gives the cum a chance to dribble down his pole.

Pictures of Manuel Skye and Elder Hult

Video – Manuel Skye disciplines Elder Hult



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