The Big C Men

At the point when Seth Knight gets back home from the supermarket and discovers his man in the room stroking himself to pornography, he gets pissed, revealing to Princeton Price he ought to do that with him, rapidly falling onto the bed alongside Princeton and bringing his cock into his mouth. Princeton needs to concede the overhaul is greatly improved, thus he sets down his telephone and pushes Seth’s head down further onto his hard dick.

Seth chokes on Princeton’s cock before coming up to kiss him.’See, isn’t that greatly improved?’ he asks, and Princeton gestures, advancing down Seth’s body and furnishing a proportional payback as Seth’s cock livens up and develops inside his mouth. Seth groans as Princeton drools everywhere on his dick, before twisting around and giving Seth a chance to have his way with him. Seth slides his cock somewhere inside Princeton’s hole, fucking him gradually at first, before getting the pace as Princeton strokes himself beneath. Seth fucks him from behind before giving Princeton a chance to mount up and ride him invert.

Pictures of Princeton Price and Seth Knight

He watches Princeton’s ass skip all over, yet what he truly needs is to feel Princeton within him, so they switch positions and Princeton gives his desire. He pounds Seth until they are both prepared to detonate. Seth snatches his dick and strokes himself, shooting his heap everywhere on his stomach as Princeton hauls out and shoots him with a mammoth stream of jizz that puddles everywhere on Seth’s body.

Video – Princeton Price gets fucked by Seth Knight



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