The Big C Men

I’ve been having sex all week. I just stop to eat, and I keep going. The boys from the House of Sketchy sex are very curious, probably because I am new. I didn’t expect them to get so horny nonstop, I guess I’d have to get used to it if I want to stay in the house. After a few days I was slightly worried, because in one moment cum flowed from all my holes. Now at the end of the week, I don’t give a damn. Everyone is welcome to ride me.

I thought it was finally over, but this tattooed dude just got into the house. Now you’re watching how that guy is fucking my ass. Another one enters and fills my mouth. Do the guys from Sketchy Sex ever stop? Okay, I’ll let him do it. Actually, he didn’t even ask me. He shot his jizz in my mouth. By the way, the tattooed dude is still fucking me. I guess we’re not stopping soon, so I have to finish writing.

Pictures from Sketchy Sex

Video – My sex week



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