The Big C Men

William Steel and Groovy Dave lie back on the bed in their clothing, kidding and visiting with the camera fellow. Posturing for pics, Dave needs to tuck his low holders once more into the groin of his Andrew Christians. They drop trou and sway their weenies for the camera, never halting their continuous flow blathering. At long last settling in to get jolting, they look at the sex toys accessible and Groovy Dave offers to “fuck the poo” out of a fleshlight if it’s tidied up.

William lies back on the bed to stroke his cock while Groovy Dave stoops to pull the prepuce over his long thick whole cock. They end up lying alongside one another, beating their meat as one, and for one favored minute the talk goes calm. William jumps up to a stoop and showers his heap over the dark quilt. Looking at an offscreen pornography, Dave accelerates and draws near.

Pictures of William Steel and Groovy Dave

His enormous nuts weave up in time with each unpleasant stroke. Clench hand gripped around his prick and thumb pointed up, he also ascends to a stoop to spurt a major specked dash of cumstains a foot before him on the well-worn comforter.

Video – William Steel and Groovy Dave jerk off



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