Club Amateur USA: Blake

In his first video for Club Amateur USA, Blake enjoys first class cock massage. Our masseur grabs that massive boner and jerks it hard until Blake cums.

Club Amateur USA: Blake 2
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Directly off the famous bat upon Blake’s landing, he made notice that he doesn’t care for anything anal. What’s more, in my inner being, “Great. There goes what I had arranged.” obviously, it was then just amid the post-massage discourse that he made notice that he’s interested to have a woman companion peg him, and a couple have consented to oblige him.

Upon further penetrating down into how one can say that they don’t care for anything butt-centric, yet search out having a sweetheart take part in pegging, that is the point at which we discovered that societal desires toward “ordinary” sexual conduct and manliness, by and by, raised its out of date head.

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Pictures of Blake

Fortunately, after further discussion, I inspired Blake to consent to coordinate prostate incitement in his next shoot. Something reveals to me that he’ll be seeing the infant geezus. Along these lines, given that very late hiccup, I went waaaaaaaaaay outdated CAUSA with Blake’s first video, and all things considered, he still sexperienced one helluvan serious climax that dayum close sent him into spasms.

Video – Blake

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