Ryuzaki and Fuji for Japan Boyz

In this scene by Japan Boyz, Ryuzaki gets fucked in the ass by Fuji. The two Asian guys suck each other's cock before Fuji glides his member in Ryuzaki.

Ryuzaki and Fuji for Japan Boyz 5


Ryuzaki and our inhabitant stud Fuji have worked a taxing day and are currently prepared to unwind and have some good times. Before they eat, they will feast on one another. Fuji begins the jealous assignment of getting his new colleague horned up with a wet hungry mouth nursing ceaselessly at his dick. Ryuzaki is soon solid as a board and gives Fuji a fast suck, however he’s as of now hard and prepared to go.

Fuji jumps into Ryu’s bristly butt and gives it a succulent lick, prepares it wet and for his testing finger. Ryuzaki holds his legs up and shuts his eyes groggily as Fuji works up to three fingers inside. He’s prepared to get his ass furrowed, and Fuji moves on a condom and gets to the fun part. Ryu’s cock sways cheerfully as Fuji hammers away and fills him with smooth hard meat.

Pictures of Ryuzaki and Fuji

As Ryuzaki lies face down with face on the cushion, he moans with profound joy. His ass shivers and his hard youthful thighs shudder; eveready Fuji just continues siphoning. Fuji holds the sweet firm muscle of Ryu’s ass cheeks as he drives in harder. The lovely weight is getting ridiculously hot, thus Fuji dismantles out to let Ryuzaki milk out his velvety burden onto his thick wool pubes. Fuji squirts out his sticky sperm onto the smooth tight skin of Ryu’s abs. They grin and wave goodnight to their fans from Japanboyz as the cameraman compliments them on a horny hookup.

Video – Ryuzaki and Fuji


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