Axel Abysse and Gr8holeofchina – Part 2

Axel Abysse and Gr8holeofchina - Part 2 1

It’s time for a second round! Axel Abysse and Gr8holeofchina come back to finish each other’s hole – forever! This is a brutal gay fisting session, so if you don’t like big rosebuds and destroyed holes, leave right now. About the scene. If you remember, last time Axel and Gr8holeofchina took turns fist fucking one another. After a short break, they’re ready for more. First to enjoy his ass stretched is Gr8holeofchina. Axel grabs a bottle and fucks the guy for a while. After punching him, Axel asks for his turn. Gr8holeofchina works Axel with two fists, as eventually these two pigs lick their rosebuds.

Axel Abysse and Gr8holeofchina - Part 2




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