It’s a hot fucking this week at Behind Friends. Straight basketball players get horny and very soon start bareback fucking. Hans is playing basketball when Tony arrives and chooses to participate. Maybe the huge person got some great vibes about the attractive fellow since it’s not some time before he’s slapping that ass and making it clear he’s searching for some good times. Fit muscle head Hans isn’t hesitant in the scarcest, particularly when Tony corners him to plant a kiss on his lips and the chap gets his first feel of the really tremendous cock swinging between Tony’s legs. Regardless of whether Hans isn’t for the most part into folks when he feels how enormous that cock is he can’t state no.

Behind Friends: Hans and Tony

Back at the condo Hans is flabbergasted when he hauls out his new companion’s cock and discovers 10 crawls of fat, whole, veiny meat asking to be sucked, however Tony is anxious to be the first to taste some dick. In the wake of making out and frotting their hard muscle faux pases together Tony gets his first taste, speculative at first, yet once he’s lapped up a little precum he’s eating that cock like an ace, his very own gigantic cock getting more diligently still. It’s incomprehensible for Hans to suck on a lot of Tony’s meat, it’s simply so enormous, however when he jumps on his knees try it an attempt he figures out how to function the fat head and scrumptious prepuce inside his mouth, licking his new mate’s substantial nuts. Subsequent to giving Hans somewhat more thankful sucking Tony is prepared to give him the full understanding, twisting him over and pointing his fat cock at his tight little pucker.

Behind Friends: Hans and Tony 1

The vast majority can’t deal with Tony’s cock, it’s simply too enormous, yet Hans scarcely jumps when the huge person packs his swollen cock head into his bareback hole and lines it up with each girthy inch of inflexible man meat. Hans takes it from behind before getting spooned significantly more profound on the floor, the thick 10-inch instrument in his ass catching up on against his prostate until he can’t prevent his cum from spouting out over himself. With additional lube now accessible Tony gets a portion of the cream and covers Hans’ hole with it, sliding back inside and fucking him some more until the enormous person can’t prevent himself from emptying as well, hauling his immense device out without a moment to spare to sprinkle his cream. With his white goo enlivening his base mate’s balls, cock and pollute Tony isn’t yet done. He slides his fat cummy cock ideal back inside to leave a portion of his heap behind.



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