The Big C Men

Benjamin Dover & Charles Owens have a good time together in their session for Broke Straight Boys. Benjamin fucks Charles, bareback. Benjamin rewards Charles for being such a decent lover by giving him head straightaway, hauling that dick all through his hot, wet mouth and playing with Charles’ hole before getting up to bow on the bed and adjust his longing prick to Charles’ ass. Pushing into him gradually, Benjamin fills Charles to the overflow with his tremendous cock, making Charles shout out as he inches further and more profound and afterward begins to fuck him great and hard.

Benjamin Dover & Charles Owens for Broke Straight Boys

Benjamin Dove folds a solid hand over Charles’ neck as he fucks him raw, turning Charles Owens onto his side to take his tight hole that path as he pounds away into that sore ass. Be that as it may, when Benjamin turns Charles onto every one of the fours and takes him from behind, he goes more diligently than previously, offering it to Charles and making him groan as he bottoms for Benjamin and takes that fat cock. Benjamin doesn’t last any longer as the vibe of Charles’ tight hole is a lot for him and he dismantles out to shoot his cum over Charles’ back, pushing once more into his ass long enough for Charles to complete, his smooth seed recoloring the bed as his body shakes from the delight.

Benjamin Dover & Charles Owens for Broke Straight Boys 1



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