Ethan Steel & Jos Alvarez for Broke Straight Boys

Ethan Steel & Jos Alvarez for Broke Straight Boys 2

Ethan Steel is still a novice, but Jos Alvarez is here to help him in gay sex. In this video by Broke Straight Boys, Jos bottoms for Ethan. Ethan is as yet working up to sucking cock, however he’ll arrive soon enough and until further notice, hot master cock sucker Jos more than compensates for it. Pulling off Ethan’s jeans and going down on him, Jos deepthroats Ethan’s tremendous prick, sucking it as Ethan runs his hands through Jos’ hair and pushes Jos’ mouth further around his cock. Stifling and choking on that long dick, Jos lets Ethan facefuck him before getting up to straddle his switch cattle rustler style, his hole drifting over Ethan’s shake hard prick until he brings down himself onto it, that raw shaft vanishing into his tight passage.

Ethan Steel & Jos Alvarez for Broke Straight Boys

He rides it, giving himself a chance to extend around Ethan Steel’s throbbing cock before lying on his side and letting Ethan assume control over, giving him a chance to drive his bareback dick more profound and harder, giving him a chance to slap that ass while he pounds it. Jos changes so his ass is noticeable all around, getting beat by Ethan’s prick before he turns over onto his back and goes after his very own dick, stroking it quick while Ethan tops him off with that thick part. As he siphons him brimming with cock, Jos strokes out a decent heap of cum and after that lies back to get Ethan’s hot jizz as he discharges all over Jos Alvarez!

Ethan Steel & Jos Alvarez for Broke Straight Boys 1




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