Broke Straight Boys pairs up two of site’s favorite dudes – Jake Spencer and Charles Owens. Jake slips his raw cock in Charles and fucks him raw. They are both more up to date so despite everything they’re getting settled and conquering their own difficulties with each new scene they do, and here’s another opportunity for them to rehearse. Fortunate Jake gets his cock sucked first and Charles gets between his knees, taking that dick in his mouth and working it as Jake lies back and appreciates… until it’s his go to give head! Charles stands up and lets Jake get at that dick, sucking it and punishing Charles’ sweet before these folks are hard and prepared to fuck.

Jake Spencer and Charles Owens for Broke Straight Boys

Lying on the floor, Charles Owens sticks his ass reporting in real time and Jake Spencer energetically enters him, pushing Charles’ legs together to make that tight hole much more tightly as he fucks him raw. Charles needs to accept control as he gets Jake on the love seat and straddles him, bringing down his sore ass onto that hard prick and riding it hard, his muscles flexing as he pulls himself all over. Be that as it may, when they’re prepared to cum, Jake gets Charles on his back and pounds the jizz out of him, looking as it trickles onto his stomach before adding his very own hot cum to the wreckage!

Jake Spencer and Charles Owens for Broke Straight Boys 1



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