Bad Puppy Presents Archer Croft

Bad Puppy Presents Archer Croft 2

What a beautiful male! Today’s video by Bad Puppy features Archer Croft – a tattooed, extra muscular stud with a fat, long cock. He’s perfect! Croft is 38 years of age and has for the longest time been itching to get into the business. He is a major fanatic of pack blasts and adores watching a lot of folks all heaped up together. He concedes that one of his preferred activities is put his vehicle on journey control and twitch off while he’s driving. The most bizarre spot he’s at any point engaged in sexual relations was in the restroom of the ship going from New York to the Statue of Liberty.

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At the point when he’s not at the exercise center or doing pornography, he cherishes cultivating and the exactness work of cutting topiaries. He adores nothing superior to anything remaining back and appreciating his work. His preferred sort of music while he’s driving is from the 80’s; however when he’s working out, he gets a kick out of the chance to step it up a bit with some great move tunes. Archer Croft lives along a fairway and one thing he jumps at the chance to do is jack off outside while the nursery workers are working. He trusts one the very first moment of them will see him and come over and go along with him in the celebrations. Bowman figures out how to get himself all stirred up considering that dream and off come his garments.

Bad Puppy Presents Archer Croft

It’s conspicuous from the begin that Archer deals with his body. He is totally tore and has a couple of truly cool tattoos. His cock is shake hard and he’s truly turned on. As he begins stroking his meat his other hand slides down and he begins playing with his ass. He licks his finger, tosses his legs back and the finger vanishes up his hole. Archer Croft begins precumming as he prods his punctured cockhead. It’s very certain that he is turning himself on. He stands up, pulls off his thong, twists around the seat and spreads his legs uncovering his tight asshole. His finger test profound into his hole. He drives his finger the extent that it will go while the other hand jacks this thick cock. The harder he twitches the more his nuts fix and soon he’s squirting a thick heap of smooth jizz everywhere throughout the seat. He lifts his finger to his mouth and licks off the cum before twisting around and licking the remainder of his cum from the outside of the seat. Everything I can say is WOW! This is one independent execution I won’t before long overlook.

Bad Puppy Presents Archer Croft 1




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