In this masturbation session by Bad Puppy, hot Italian-Greek stud Argos Santini plays with his nice, hard cock. Enjoy him stroking his dick. We discover that Argos is an extremely horny guy and anxious to show off his tight, delightful body. He stands up and pulls of his shirt. His arms and chest are consummately etched with simply the appropriate measure of chest hair. He pulls down his pants and Anthony sees that Argos is as of now wearing full wood in his clothing. Argos pulls down the clothing, snatches his stone hard cock and starts stroking long and moderate. His balls are tight and firm as he cups them with his hand.

Bad Puppy Presents Argos Santini

Precum starts overflowing out of his piss cut and Argos utilizes it to further lube his cock. He pivots and twists around the couch. Anthony focuses in on Argos’ tight textured ass similarly as Argos reaches back and pushes his finger up his hole. Anthony tells Argos there’s a little shock behind one of the pads. Argos hauls out a jug of lube and he sees a masturbatory sleeve. He rapidly lubes up his cock and starts utilizing the jacking sleeve on his dick. It’s not some time before we hear Argos state that he can’t keep down any more. Taking his long, hard cock close by Argos keeps jacking and as his whole body fixes and his breathing develops, Argos squirts a thick, muddled heap of cum all over himself.

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