Colton Reece & Austin Sugar – London Calling

Colton Reece & Austin Sugar - London Calling 1

In this scene of “London Calling” by Falcon Studios, Austin Sugar lowers himself onto Colton Reece’s hard cock and rides him hard and long until they both cum. Colton is strolling the boulevards of London Town when Austin spots him hanging out on the walkway. Colton’s eyes rapidly light up as Austin flashes him a grin. Inquisitive about this cruising stud, Colton has to find out about this hot outsider and they head off to locate a progressively private spot. Back at the level, the two waste no time getting stripped.

Colton Reece looks down as Austin gradually sinks to his knees and takes Colton’s thick dick in his ravenous mouth. While he’s nourishing Austin Sugar his cock, Colton gets anxious to feel Austin’s ass and works his fingers inside, preparing tight hole. As he touches Austin’s ass, the expectation working inside Colton is a lot to deal with. Austin can detect that Colton needs to be within him and bounces on to ride Colton hard, taking every last trace of his swelling meat.

Colton Reece & Austin Sugar - London Calling

Colton Reece & Austin Sugar close eyes as they fuck, appreciating the joys of one another’s bodies. With each push, Colton is carried nearer to climax. He keeps down as long as he can, getting a charge out of the sentiment of Austin’s ass gripped firmly around his cock, yet it demonstrates a lot for him. He hauls his hard cock out and showers his massive burden all over Austin’s ass. Who knows what attractive outsiders you’ll discover strolling the boulevards of London?




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