Raw Fuck Club

Scott Riley needs a deep anal servicing and Dakota Payne is happy to serve his ass in this barebacks session by Bad Puppy. Scott comes back to Badpuppy with a hot and hunky Dakota. As we get the hang of during their meeting both have experienced everywhere throughout the United States; be that as it may, to them the best spot to live is Los Angeles. From the vibes of these two studs I would need to concur with them. Scott is continually playing with Dakota’s groin all through the whole meeting and at one point Anthony gets on the way that Dakota’s getting stimulated. Dakota just smiles, comes to down and slides off his clothing uncovering his fairly stout bit of meat. Scott squanders no time as he hangs over, gobbles up Dakota’s thick cock and starts working it all through his mouth.

Dakota Payne Serves Scott Riley

Dakota Payne stands up, pulling Scott with him. Scott Riley drops to his knees before Dakota’s thundering hard-on and Dakota start face-fucking Scott’s pretty face. Scott bows over the couch surrendering his ass to Dakota. Dakota does not overlook anything as he drops to his knees covering his face and tongue profound into Scott’s tight, hairy hole. Dakota stands up behind Scott and gradually pushes his long, thick cock balls-profound into Scott’s ass. Both of them go at it everywhere throughout the couch; in any case, ending up on the floor with Scott on his back, legs noticeable all around Dakota as yet beating ceaselessly. Dakota hauls out, gets his cock and showers a thick, smooth heap of cum all over Scott’s nuts and cock. Scott utilizes Dakota’s cum as lube and rapidly completes himself off, squirting jizz all over himself.

Raw Fuck Club
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