Josh Moore, Devin Franco & Jeffrey Lloyd – London Calling

Josh Moore, Devin Franco & Jeffrey Lloyd - London Calling 1
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Falcon Studios leads us back to London, where Josh Moore and Jeffrey Lloyd are fucking double Davin Franco’s extra wide ass. Don’t miss it! The neon lights are blazing and the music is siphoning as Josh and Devin make the most of their last night out in London. Devin strolls in, and quickly stares at Josh, their repressed fascination for one another can never again be denied. The flashes fly and they search for a segregated spot to release their sexual strain. Josh pushes Devin in a bad spot as they make out and get each other boned up. Josh is hard as a stone and needs a mouth around his throbbing dick. Devin is glad to oblige by jumping on his knees and presenting his wet, slobbering mouth to be utilized.

Josh Moore, Devin Franco & Jeffrey Lloyd - London Calling

Hung Young Brit

While Devin Franco is down on his knees, hot club-goer Jeffrey Lloyd detects the two and begins scouring his own cock to the hot and horny scene. Josh movements for Jeffrey to participate and Devin moves forward and backward, adjusting the two cocks simultaneously. Jeffrey needs something beyond a mouth and twists Devin over to mount up and fuck his ass as Josh Moore keeps beating Devin’s face from the front. Taking a cock from the two closures, Devin realizes he’s in spit cook paradise as his pulse coordinates the siphoning music. As each man pushes inside him from each end, Devin submits to his body’s pleasure and takes all that they need to give. Josh and Jeffrey keep on fucking Devin with wild surrender, alternating stopping his face and ass until the two of them cum everywhere throughout the horny spent stud, covering his body with sticky, white cum.

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