On College Dudes, Landon Matthews services Alex Meyer by fucking his ass. Landon plows the bottom in several positions until they both cum. The two dudes squander no time getting each other hot and horny, making out and pulling off their garments before Alex begins sucking Landon’s dick. Landon stoops above him, cock in Alex’s mouth, as Landon reaches down and gradually snaps Alex’s pole with his hand, keeping Alex’s clothing on as he prods that dick through the texture. Landon has a preference for some sweet cock as well and he yanks off Alex’s clothing and takes that dick in his mouth, his tongue prodding the tip of Alex’s cock before following lines all over the pole.

At the point when Alex Meyer is great and hard, Landon Matthews covers his cock in that tight ass and fucks Alex great, beating him doggy style as Alex groans with every one of Landon’s solid pushes. Alex’s tight hole holds Landon’s thick part, crushing him from base to tip as he hauls in and out and after that turns Alex onto his back to fuck him some more. Alex folds his hand over his pole, stroking himself as he gets beat until both these studs are shooting their heap, cum dribbling from their cocks as they ride our their climax.

Landon Matthews Fucks Alex Meyer



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