Brian Bonds, Dale Savage & Josh Mikael for Club Inferno Dungeon

Brian Bonds, Dale Savage & Josh Mikael for Club Inferno Dungeon 1
The Big C Men

This week on Club Inferno Dungeon, Josh Mikael gets his ass fist fucked by two kinky studs. Brian Bonds & Dale Savage are fisting Josh. Official Brian gets Josh for stroking off in the recreation center and obscene presentation. Brian asks his sarge, Dale what they ought to do with the constant wrongdoer. They consent to ‘handle it’, and the cop’s strip down to get their cocks sucked by Josh. Bound and on his knees, Josh does as he told and stiflers on both of the officials’ thick individuals. Brian needs a sample of cock himself and joins Josh on his knees to swallow down Dale’s fat cock. Presently Dale needs some meat down his throat so he sinks down to eat up Brian’s cock down to the balls.

Brian Bonds, Dale Savage & Josh Mikael for Club Inferno Dungeon

Brian Bonds sits back on the work area to let Josh twist around to suck his cock while he takes Dale’s clench hand from behind. Dale Savage interchanges every clench hand all through Josh’s shaggy hole while he keeps his mouth full with Brian’s bar. Dale and Brian switch spots and now Brian is doing all that he can to stretch Josh’s ass to its total cutoff points. With Dale’s cock down his throat and Brian’s hand up his ass, Josh Mikael appreciates being spit-cooked by the cops. Taking it up a couple of indents, Brian and Dale get behind Josh to alternate exchanging their clench hands into his ass. The cops test Josh’s breaking points when they each work one of their clench hands into his ass together, before punching him out vivaciously. Josh switches on his back to keep giving his hole a chance to take a merciless beating from the clench hands. Josh gets tightly to his cock and stirs it while Brian keeps his hand planted immovably in his hole until he shoots his jizz all over himself.



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