Derek Cline – Solo for Bad Puppy

Derek Cline - Solo for Bad Puppy 1

The guys from Bad Puppy welcome a new stud to their club of sexy models. Derek Cline is a young guy with an extremely large, fat dick. Derek right now lives in New Jersey, yet he would like to be in Santa Monica where all the hot folks are found, and he says he inclines toward the vibe there. Derek’s just been in the business not exactly a year, acknowledging while he was as yet youthful this could be his fantasy work. He unequivocally cherishes sex and believed that being in the business would be fun and energizing, in addition, he’d get the opportunity to engage in sexual relations with folks who know what they are doing.

Derek Cline - Solo for Bad Puppy

Derek’s sexual dream is to get a fuck machine joined to his enormous dildo; yet shockingly, that should be a piece of a future shoot. Derek completes the meeting and slides off his shirt. One hand starts tweaking his areolas, different starts scouring his cock through his jeans. Before long, two hands vanish underneath his jeans and he hauls out his long, thick cock with the absolute heaviest looking nuts I’ve found in some time. He sneaks off his jeans, gets the lube and continues to lube up his dick. Derek begins by stroking truly moderate, yet soon he grinding away quick and incensed. His cock is hard as a stone and watching Derek’s face reveals to me that he’s getting a charge out of each stroke. He starts breathing all around profoundly as his balls get extremely tight and with the last strokes Derek channels his dick of each and every drop of accessible cum.

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