My FTM Crush: Ari Koyote & Riley Ross – Chapter 2

My FTM Crush: Ari Koyote & Riley Ross - Chapter 2 1
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On My FTM Crush, hot boys Ari Koyote & Riley Ross have sex once again. After his first time with a pussy, Riley just needed more of it. Ari rushes to take Riley’s cock in his mouth, feeling it slide along his tongue and between his lips as it beats with warmth and passion. Riley rests his hand delicately on Ari’s shoulder, stroking the back of his neck as he sees the adorable kid’s eyes top up at him from behind his glasses. Ari uncovers a delightful grin, seeing that Riley gets his look back.

My FTM Crush: Ari Koyote & Riley Ross - Chapter 2

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It’s not some time before Ari is asking to feel Riley’s cock somewhere inside him. Their association never feels more ideal than when Riley’s balls are smacking toward the lips of Ari’s pussy, feeling them gobble up the scruffy kid’s pole as he pounds it passionately and personally. As Riley verges on inclination his nuts overflowing with Ari’s hole, they lock eyes, definitely mindful of their companionship and bond. What’s more, it’s on the resounded melody of groans and jeans and breaths that Riley releases himself and empties inside Ari’s hot pussy.

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