Koji Xander returns on Noir Male, with his muscle butt, eager to get fucked by another big black dick. Well, Fame is the man! Fame has an extra big dick that perfectly fits every deep asshole. If you want to watch more of Kody’s bottoming, don’t miss his video with Aaron Trainer. If you wish to enjoy Fame’s big dick, this video with Wesley Woods is just for you! We gave you good examples, so now you know what you’ll see in today’s Noir Male scene.

Noir Male: Fame Plays Hard With His Stepbrother Koji Xander

About the scenario. The story about the two stepbrothers is exploited again, but apparently, it’s something the audience likes, isn’t it? Koji Xander and Fame play the roles of two stepbrothers who suddenly become gay lovers.

Noir Male: Fame Plays Hard With His Stepbrother Koji Xander 1

Koji waits to stay home alone, grabs his laptop and starts masturbating, watching a gay porn movie. At this moment, his stepbrother suddenly returns. He is curious about what kind of video his brother was watching and Koji is forced to reveal his little secret. Well, when Fame sees that one of his favorite actors is frozen on the screen, he tells Koji that it seems they are so much more than stepbrothers. After some rimming and sucking, Fame gives his little stepbrother the best pounding possible.



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