Manuel Skye and Collin Lust for Bad Puppy

Manuel Skye and Collin Lust for Bad Puppy 3

It’s time for bareback on Bad Puppy. Muscle daddy Manuel Skye and Collin Lust are paired up in this very good session by the studio. During the meeting of the present two Badpuppy studs, we discover that they have met previously… in Manuel’s room, a couple of times earlier, things being what they are. Whenever inquired as to whether they are great companions, the two of them giggle and Manuel says they are “the best sort of companions”. Collin is massaging his very own cock through his shorts with one hand, while the other hand is taking a shot at the developing lump in Manuel’s denim overalls. Manual is extremely solid and hunky, while Collin is increasingly flexible with a tight swimmer’s manufacture. They get directly down to business, with Colin confronting Manuel and crouching on his lap.

Manuel Skye and Collin Lust for Bad Puppy

Manuel Skye stretches around and in part pulls down Collin’s shorts, while massaging his tight butt cheeks. Collin Lust moves back to permit Manuel to expel his overalls, and when he pulls them down past his midsection his as of now shake hard cock flies out and sticks straight up. Collin quickly starts sucking on this thick whole bit of meat, working it for a couple of minutes. The two of them respite to completely take off their residual garments, and after that Collin positions himself to sit all over. Manuel starts eating out Collin’s ass, tongue-fucking Collin and getting his hole lubed up and prepared for what’s to come straightaway.

Manuel Skye and Collin Lust for Bad Puppy 1

Collin Lust is prepared to have Manuel within him, and he slides his ass down Manuel’s chest towards the objective. Manuel guides him down, and after two or three endeavors pushes his solid unsheathed cock up into Collin’s willing hole. Manuel Skye fucks Collin from underneath for two or three minutes, and after that lifts him up and turns him around on the love seat to show signs of improvement situating as he starts fucking him from behind. They go at it like this for a long while, with Manuel taking discontinuous breaks to tongue-fuck Collin’s hole (gotta keep things lubed!), and to try and give Collin a speedy sensual caress.

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Collin Lust winds up on his back with his ass noticeable all around, and this position appears to function admirably for them. Manuel keeps on beating endlessly at his hot base. Manuel Skye, at last, arrives at the final turning point, as he hauls out and begins irately jacking his cock until a great many heaps of hot semen shoots out all over Collin’s face, chest, and the back of the sofa. Collin starts jacking his very own cock as he licks Manuel’s cum-splashed fingers, lastly gives free his a chance to claim heap of man-squeeze all over his stomach and tight abs. Manuel drains the rest of the juice out of Collin’s spent cock. The two kiss passionately, as our spent studs recline and consider cycle two.




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