It’s 100% bareback fun today on Men.Com. In “Taste The Chef”, muscled, sexy, and extra hot porn stars Paul Canon and Blake Ryder fuck raw. With an end goal to zest up the evaluations for his cooking show “Hungry Holes,” Chef Blake Ryder presents another fragment of mark cocktails, substantial on the cock.

Taste The Chef: Paul Canon & Blake Ryder for Men.Com

Blake needs a little help from astounded camera fellow Paul Canon to supply the mystery fixing: cum! Blake persuades the attractive shooter to get stripped and bounce up on the counter, yet the culinary specialist’s master dick-whisking isn’t exactly enough to make Paul cum.

Taste The Chef: Paul Canon & Blake Ryder for Men.Com 1

Blake gets Paul to fuck his ass with a close-by a veggie and after that twists around the counter for a hard fuck before riding that cock. Paul contributes heaps of semen to the blender and Blake stirs it up into a delectable treat!



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