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This week in Raging Stallion‘s “Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2”, masculine super stud Sharok gets his ass bareback fucked by hunky Alex Mecum. Back at their lodge, Alex Mecum and Sharok anticipate Drake Masters, who smells of sex and something different. They attempt to manage this dissident solitary wolf taking steps to uncover the pack with his crazy conduct. Sharok is bothered and disappointed by the cocky punk, however Alex realizes how to occupy and comfort him: with the girthy monster stressing the pocket on his long john thermals. Alex maneuvers Sharok into a passionate embrace for some profound kissing as they grab out of their garments.

Alex Mecum & Sharok: Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2 - Raging Stallion

Sharok’s hairy split delineated by his athletic supporter discovers Alex’s meandering hand, similarly as the muscle-stud drops down to bring Alex’s colossal faux pas into his wet mouth and give him a voracious cock eating penis massage. Alex is ravenous for Sharok’s large dick as well and sucks him till they’re both stone hard and detaching their jeans. Sharok jumps on each of the fours and offers up his ideal ass and bushy hole ‘It’s everything yours, angel,’ which Alex anxiously takes, first with a long edge occupation and afterward a hard, raw, bareback fuck.

Tim Tales

Alex Mecum & Sharok: Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2 - Raging Stallion 1

Sharok can’t get enough and fucks back with desert, at that point goes ass to mouth to taste his own hole on Alex’s fuck stick. Sharok gets piggy eating Alex’s butt before getting furrowed once more: twisted around the stove, standing up and afterward sitting right downward on Alex’s pole on the sofa, riding and bobbing and draining out massive heaps of jizz.



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