Ricky Larkin, Mason Lear & Donnie Argento – Manscent – Raging Stallion

Ricky Larkin, Mason Lear & Donnie Argento - Manscent - Raging Stallion 1
The Big C Men

Raging Stallion‘s bareback & leather feast “Manscent” continues with a threesome featuring Ricky Larkin, Mason Lear, and Donnie Argento. Mason Lear is stroking in jail and Donnie Argento is concealed and secured a steel cell. Ricky Larking finds the folks prepared to fuck and slides his cock through the bars on Mason’s end. Donnie watches from the opposite finish of the room as Mason accommodates his head between to bars to get to Ricky’s meat. Not having any desire to forget about Donnie, Ricky opens his confine and appends a metal rope to Donnie and leads him over a table on each of the fours. Prodding and insulting the veiled stud, Ricky sacks and sniffs Donnie’s fluffy hole as Mason watches with his cock in his grasp.

Ricky Larkin, Mason Lear & Donnie Argento - Manscent - Raging Stallion

Donnie submits to each sniff, lick, and test Ricky is tossing his direction. He moves Donnie around onto his back and pushes his raw cock in and Mason attempts to battle his desires from behind the bars. Mason has had all the sticking around he can take and joins Ricky and Donnie, sustaining Donnie his thick bar while Ricky continues fucking his ass. When Donnie needs a break from getting spit-broiled, Mason has his spot to let Donnie fuck his uncovered ass while sucking down Ricky’s part. Donnie and Ricky alternate stopping Mason’s ass before Donnie turns into the bareback base once more, getting heap driven by Ricky.

Mason needs one additionally extending and lays back to get Donnie’s cock in his hole. He continues beating until both Donnie and Ricky paint Mason’s bushy hole with their warm loads. Making a point not to disregard Mason, Donnie pushes his cock back inside him as Ricky edges Donnie’s hole. Mason strokes his cock until it lets out his velvety burden.



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