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Gabriel Clark and Nikko Russo can’t wait to touch one another in “The Magic Touch” by Men.Com. Watch them in that passionate session! At the point when the wonderful Gabriel Clark says that he’s an erotic sweetheart, you better trust him. The manner in which he depicts kissing, licking, and getting a bunch of ass is sufficient to make anybody worked up. So it’s nothing unexpected that when Gabriel met tall Nikko Russo, sparkles flew. They began by kissing delicately, with Gabriel delicately prodding Nikko’s areolas as they passionately rub their crotches against one another.

The Magic Touch: Gabriel Clark and Nikko Russo

Nikko then gradually jumps on his knees to pull down Gabriel’s clothing and starts sucking on his gigantic, whole dick until Gabriel pushes him onto the bed and gives back in kind by licking Nikko’s huge, whole cock from the base to the tip before profound throating him. Gabriel at that point lifts Nikko’s legs to have better access to his flawlessly puckered butthole, and makes a plunge, rimming Nikko as he tenderly groans. Prepared to slide his enormous dick inside Nikko, Gabriel pushes gradually from the outset and afterward musically gathers speed with each new position until Nikko cums all over Gabriel, who at that point blows his gigantic burden on Nikko’s cock and ass before trading one last, passionate kiss.

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