BoundGods: Sebastian Keys, Sherman Maus & Tony Orlando

BoundGods:  Sebastian Keys, Sherman Maus & Tony Orlando 1
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This week on BoundGods, leatherman Sebastian Keys spanks, flogs, torments & dildo fucks his BDSM slaves Sherman Mau and Tony Orlando. Sebastian Keys assumes full responsibility for two slaves, Tony Orlando and Sherman Maus, and sets them in opposition to each other in a challenge where they face their feelings of trepidation head-on. He first strips them of their garments and their names, assigning them their slave numbers, before putting them to their first undertaking: who can get hard first while wearing squeezing areola clasps. The champ gets his huge dick sucked by the washout, yet he doesn’t get the opportunity to appreciate it for long. The following test comes up quick.

BoundGods:  Sebastian Keys, Sherman Maus & Tony Orlando

They have braces added to their balls, and they’re flagellated, single-followed, and steers goaded. Next they’re both choked, as Tony is lifted into a high, full suspension. Sherman is bound to a wooden seat with loads added to his balls while candles trickle hot wax all over his body. The two slaves are tormented fiercely with the single tail and yield. Tony has clothespins added to his body, his face and his tongue, at that point they’re smacked off with the yield. They’re at that point hooded, put on their backs, and fucked with enormous sneaks, to see who can take the most. The last challenge is to see who can cum first while riding a dildo-mounted sybian. This is shockingly difficult, considering all that they’ve experienced. Furthermore, when they at last get discharge, it’s unstable.

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