BoundGods: Sharok & Zak Bishop

BoundGods: Sharok & Zak Bishop 1

Zak Bishop plays the slave in this new video by BoundGods. The sexy stud has a very sexy and very rough master – beefy hunk Sharok. Welcome to the fraternity house of BoundGods. You need to substantiate yourself qualified to get into this world-class section. The initial step is inception! Fraternity daddy, muscle god Sharok is prepared to invite you with his clench hands. Smooth stud Zak Bishop needs to make his daddy glad. He is promising to the best organization and requirements to get in, his vocation and family name rely on it. He will take the necessary steps, and today that is Sharok.

BoundGods: Sharok & Zak Bishop

First Zak is blindfolded and put into a board position as his fraternity sibling does a mean severe whipping on his ass. The fraternity paddle turns out and turns Zak Bishop splendid red. Sharok rips off Zaks garments and drives the boy down to the floor. As a decent fraternity sibling, he knows Zak must be parched. He puts a speculum in Zak’s asshole and opens it wide. He pours his beverage down Zak’s ass, bottle profound! Zak is made to clear his hole out for his vow ace. Next Zak is bound in completely prohibitive rope servitude and his cock and balls are tormented with clothespins.

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Sharok takes his cowhide gloved hand and draws Zak off. However, presently it’s daddy’s turn. Zak is suspended and gives Sharok a profound throat cock sucking. After the delight comes more torment. The flogger turns out and Zak’s ideal body is beat red. How far is Zak ready to go to pass this test? Would he be able to take Sharok’s clench hand! Profound fisting gets Zak’s wide ass torn open. At long last Sharok suspends Zak and fucks him hard. Zak blows his heap everywhere throughout the floor. Sharok’s last test includes a classic right of passage. Sharok dumps his cum on a treat and feeds it to his vow. Welcome to the fellowship.

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