Bulrog and Axel Abysse – Breakfast in bed

Bulrog and Axel Abysse - Breakfast in bed 1
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If you think that perversity can be measured, wait to watch Axel Abysse‘s latest gay fisting video with Bulrog – Breakfast in bed. Indeed, we can not find a quantitative or qualitative definition of what you are going to watch. It’s so nasty, it’s extra dirty, but still, there’s something cool. Having breakfast from your partner’s hole is definitely a whole new level in gay porn.

Bulrog and Axel Abysse - Breakfast in bed

Bananas, corn flakes, cream… Bulrog and Axel Abysse are really hungry. We never imagined that a gay fisting video could include so much food, but we eventually saw even that. Maybe fans of extreme ass play will appreciate this video because it occupies the ultimate degree of extremism. To be honest, eating doesn’t have to be mixed with sex, but maybe you have a different opinion, so we’d love to read your comments.

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