Cuckboys – Part 1: DeAngelo Jackson & Markus Kage

Cuckboys - Part 1: DeAngelo Jackson & Markus Kage 1
The Big C Men

In this first part of Men.Com‘s latest production “Cuckboys”, the big muscles meet the big muscles – DeAngelo Jackson & Markus Kage. Markus Kage has been attempting to improve his sexual coexistence with his better half, Thyle Knoxx, however discussing it and even couples treatment haven’t helped, so it’s the ideal opportunity for an alternate methodology. Markus acquires black hunk DeAngelo Jackson and makes Thyle watch as DeAngelo shows what being incredible in bed really resembles.

Cuckboys - Part 1: DeAngelo Jackson & Markus Kage

DeAngelo is path better at sucking Markus’ cock and eating his ass than his significant other, and he gives Markus the sort of long and solid fucking he hasn’t had in years. Markus rides DeAngelo’s long, tall dick till he cums, and after DeAngelo leaves a major burden all over his chest, he advises his hubby to make himself helpful and lick it up.

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