Derek Cline & Ashley Ryder – Custodian Of The Hole

Derek Cline & Ashley Ryder – Custodian Of The Hole 1

In this second episode of Fisting Central‘s “Custodian Of The Hole”, Ashley Ryder enjoys elbow deep gay fisting provided by Derek Cline. You probably remember that last time Ashley penetrated Derek’s ass with a whole fist. Derek returns the favor, sliding his arm deep into Ashley’s enormous ass. And yep, it’s a real elbow deep penetration – Ashley’s favorite style of fist fucking. There’s also some good punching, but still, the depth is more impressive in the scene.

Derek Cline & Ashley Ryder – Custodian Of The Hole

In the beginning, Derek Cline glides his tongue profound into Ashley’s ass. It doesn’t take long for Ashley Ryder to request, ‘Fist my hole!’ Derek satisfies Ashley’s solicitation and fills Ashley’s tight ass with his fat fist. Ashley lets out a boisterous groan as Derek’s fist breaks through his limit and somewhere within him. Testing the points of confinement of Ashley’s ass, Derek ventures more remote and more remote into Ashley’s vast split until he’s elbow-profound. Both happy with the profundities of Ashley’s hole, Ashley ricochets back and rides Derek’s arm as profound as possible.

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Still covered down to his elbow inside Ashley’s ass, Derek Cline exciting bends in the road his arm within the overseer’s capable hole. Ashley Ryder flips on his back with Derek’s fist inside him and gives over full control of his break. The fist pigs choose to play somewhat round of 100 punches in Ashley’s ass. While Derek fists his ass, Ashley includes out 100 constant punches and out of his hole before easing up. Testing his breaking points much further, Ashley finds a workable pace down on Derek’s hand, by and by taking it elbow deep. Headed towards the end goal, Ashley lays back one final time to get Derek’s fist until his heap spills out from the tip of his cock and onto his thigh.

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