Men On Edge: Nic Sahara

Men On Edge: Nic Sahara 1

In this edition of Men On Edge by KinkMen, muscled stud Nic Sahara gets edged hard by his buddies Alex Hawk and Sebastian Keys. Nic Sahara is distant from everyone else at home, relaxing on his couch, perusing a book in just his clothing and a shirt. His telephone rings and shows its from a private number. He hinders the guest and returns to perusing, and his telephone rings once more. He answers and advises the individual to quit harassing him or he’ll call the police. He hangs up and nods off, uninformed of two men that are his greatest fans, sneaking around outside, getting ready to go into his home. The two men, Sebastian Keys and Alex Hawk discreetly break into Nic’s home with tights over yonder faces. They cannot accept it really him as they creep nearer to Nic resting on the lounge chair and give him a severe shock.

Men On Edge: Nic Sahara

Alex Hawk and Sebastian Keys spread Nic Sahara’s mouth and snatch him. Nic shouts for help yet no one acts the hero. They tie him up with a ton of rope with his legs crossed, sitting up. They cut his shirt off, play with his areolas, and bother his hard cock through his clothing. They append wind areola suckers to Nic’s touchy areolas. They remove his clothing and Alex gets the opportunity to work sucking his whole cock. They bother his cock some more by utilizing a reasonable stroker with two slug vibrators joined to the sides. In the following scene, Nic is bare on his sofa with a piece choke in his mouth. His arms are tied with rope over his head and his legs are tied spread open.

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Sebastian Keys gets more rope and ties Nic Sahara’s dick and balls in rope subjugation, making his cock considerably harder. They stroke his cock with another unmistakable stroker and Nic asks to cum. Sebastian slides a dildo connected to a vibrator, profound into Nic’s ass while Alex Hawk strokes Nic’s cock. Alex takes a significant piece of Nic’s toes and sucks every one while Sebastian embeds a butt-centric prostate massager into Nic’s ass. Nic cannot keep down any more and shoots a gigantic burden all over himself.

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