Raw Hole: Joao Miguel and Kaliu

Raw Hole: Joao Miguel and Kaliu 1

This week on RawHole.Com, muscle bottom Kaliu gets his ass brutally fucked by beefy, big dick top Joao Miguel. That’s the session! In the state of mind for some wet raw enjoyment between lovely whole Brazilian studs furrowing hole by a major spa tub? Well, you’re in karma. Musclemen Joao Miguel and Kaliu start kissing and making out, at that point horndog Joao takes off his shorts and pushes Kaliu to his knees for a speedy washroom sensual caress. He slaps his enormous bronze instrument over Kaliu’s open mouth, snatches his skull to fuck on in.

Raw Hole: Joao Miguel and Kaliu

Kaliu twists around the wooden tub outline, ass up and hard dick stressing against the edge. Joao drools and licks the eager hole, slides easily in and begins siphoning. The hot bottom spreads nearly to a split to open wide for the solid throbbing cock. Joao spits a thick delicious string to cover his piece and Kaliu’s hot pucker. This singing gay Latin bareback fuck peaks as Kaliu grinds his hole down onto Joao’s stubbly groin at that point gets his ass reamed in the spa tub. Shooting a major wad into Kaliu’s ravenous mouth, Joao licks his lips in appreciation.

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