Tom Of Finland: Service Station

Tom Of Finland: Service Station 1

In this second episode of Men.Com‘s “Tom Of Finland” named “Service Station” star River Wilson, Ricky Roman, Matthew Camp & DeAngelo Jackson. The 4 men plow each other’s hole in one of the best bareback foursomes shot ever. Men.Com reproduces a classic Tom of Finland comic book story, coordinated by Bruce LaBruce. Sharp-dressed DeAngelo Jackson maneuvers into the administration station, and chaperon Matthew Camp needs to fill something other than his tank. Matthew unfastens his speed suit, at that point inclines through the window to fill his mouth with huge dark cock, letting DeAngelo realize that this foundation truly is “full assistance”!

Tom Of Finland: Service Station 2

River Wilson turns out to look as DeAngelo sucks Matthew’s dick through the window, at that point drives the folks inside for additional. Ricky Roman participates in the enjoyment, and the penis massages go to additional as Matthew pounds DeAngelo’s ass while Ricky and River flip fuck. Once DeAngelo cums, Matthew sucks out each and every drop, at that point, the chaperons wipe their client down and assist him with fitting back up.

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